Live Your Life the Bodacious Way -
Bold, Beautiful, Bodacious, Empowered
with Gemstone Jewelry
by AnnaMariah, gemstone empath, Reiki Master, guardian of the gemstones

Bold Bodacious Jewelry is more than just jewelry, it's comparable to having an energy healing session every single time you put it on (or have it near you). Read more

Every piece is a transformational tool to support you energetically to live your highest purpose as you pursue your goals and passion on your way to creating your own Bold Bodacious life.


AnnaMariah - BBJ is a ToolI'm AnnaMariah
I'm a gemstone empath, Reiki master 
and Intuitive and use all these skills together to create jewelry that is powerful and transformative.

Wearing one of my creations is comparable to having an energy healing session the full time you are wearing it. 

I am honored to be a Guardian of the Stones - When I work with a stone it returns to it's original energy of creation and tasked to assist you as the recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of you are and what is yours to do - your original purpose in creation.

That energy stays with you whenever you wear or work with one of my creations. Even if you don't wear jewelry, you can keep it near you and let it do its magic. 

I'm here to help you awaken your own magic
It touches my soul when I see and feel the energetic shifts opening up for the wearer. This is why I'm here.

It all started with a rock
Yes, a rock. In 1987I was visiting the te Maori exhibit in New Zealand and met a Mauri stone, and it changed my life. Read more

That one experience triggered my spiritual awakening and led to where I am today, living my Bold, Bodacious life and creating jewelry that isn't just jewelry - it's energetic empowerment. 

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Empowered Gemstone Secrets for Your Bodacious Life, reveals the best gemstones to help you live your most empowered, bodacious life in our hectic world.

By AnnaMariah Nau, gemstone empath.

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Artwork by David Nau -
Earth Energy Art

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t touches my soul when I see and feel the energetic shifts opening up for the wearer. This is why I'm help you awaken your own magic.