Live Your Life the Bodacious Way -
Outside the Box, Empowered
with Gemstone Jewelry by AnnaMariah 

Bold Bodacious Jewelry - where jewelry becomes a partner in your soul's journey.

AnnaMariahWhen you connect with my beautiful stones and bodacious designs, you get more than jewelry. You get an amulet, a transformational tool, that will support you energetically as you pursue your goals and your passion on your way to creating your own Bold Bodacious life.


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What is a Bold Bodacious life? One where you live outside the box as you allow yourself to sing, dance, love and even fail in the process. Bodacious is different for everyone but it is always about empowerment and confidence.

For women, empowerment and confidence are often supported by looking and feeling our best. Own that empowerment with an amazing, unique work of art that supports your inner radiance and outer beauty.

It all started with a rock. Yes, a rock. In 1987 AnnaMariah was visiting the te Maori exhibit in New Zealand and met a Mauri stone, and it changed her life. That one experience triggered her spiritual awakening and led her to where she is today, living her Bold, Bodacious life and creating jewelry that isn't just jewelry - it's energetic empowerment.

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Empowered Gemstone Secrets for Your Bodacious Life


By AnnaMariah Nau,
Bold Bodacious Jewelry

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Abundance by Earth Energy Art

Earth Energy Art

by David Nau


Watercolor paintings to enhance body, mind, and spirit using genuine gemstone paints and natural pigments.

David, my husband, and I work together to create paintings that exude the energy of the gemstones.

Bring the healing power of the stones to your home or office w/ Earth Energy Art.

Terri Sisley
Terri's bevy of Bold Bodacious Beauties:

AnnaMariah, thank you for your commitment to your mission to get these amazing tools for transformation out to all of the amazing people who will benefit immensely from these wonderful works of art! I benefit every day from my deep personal relationships with my bevy of Bold Bodacious beauties!

Terri Sisley, Alexandria VA

NOTE: Yes, the pendant Terri is wearing is the same as in the artwork above by EarthEnergyArt. Terri also owns a print of that same painting.

“It almost makes you feel sorry for other artists, because Bold Bodacious Jewelry ruins you for other jewelry.” Quote from customer.


EARRINGS NOTE: Until recently my website didn't have the functionality to allow me to post photos of earrings which is why you won't find the pictures on most of the sale items. I can email you photos.

If there are no earrings shown or listed and you'd like some, email me and I'll see what I can do. If I have gemstones that will work, I'd be happy to make you earrings for a very reasonable price.

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